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Household savings in Serbia (2)

In this post we are extending the household savings with banks in Serbia dataset used in the previous post. We are looking at the composition of household savings with banks in Serbia.


The dataset under examination comes from the National Bank of Serbia database ( It contains twenty four monthly household savings with banks time series: dinar and FX-indexed savings and foreign currency savings, both in a few different terms. All series cover the same period: 2008M7 to 2019M2.

Dataset description

Dataset is available for download in two formats: csv and RData.

Column names in csv file are: DinSD, DinSU1m, DinSU3m, DinSU6m, DinSU12m, DinLU2y, DinLU5y, DinLO5y, ForSD, ForSU1m, ForSU3m, ForSU6m, ForSU12m, ForLU2y, ForLU5y and ForLO5y. Din stands for dinar and FX-indexed savings, For for foreign currency savings, S for short-term, L for long-term, and the rest of acronyms stand for different terms. For instance, D stands for demand deposits, U1m for up to one month, and the last one O5y for over 5 years.

Those familiar with R could download and use RData file. This RData file contains a few time series objects in different format (savings.ts, savings.zoo, sdom1, sdom2, sfor1, sfor2). The first two time series objects contain all the series listed in the csv file above. Time series objects sdom1 and sfor1 contain five series with the following names: “Demand deposit”, “Up to 1 month”, “Up to 3 months”, “Up to 6 months”, and “Up to 1 year”, while objects sdom2 and sfor2 contain three series with the following names: “Up to 2 years”, “Up to 5 years”, and “Over 5 years”.

In the next blog post line graphs for each monthly household savings with banks in Serbia time series in this dataset will be presented and discussed.


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